"We believe this status quo is unacceptable. At Social Capital, our mission is to advance humanity by solving the world’s hardest problems."


--Social Capital website--



“The people inside the firm & Entrepreneurs we back should look different. I want the firm to look like what the world looks like. That means hiring and backing minorities and women.”


--Chamath Palihapitiya--



MAGNET FOR GREATNESS: "Your capability, ambition and ethics are a direct reflection of the people you spend time with, both personally and professionally. It is simply the case that A players attract other A players. You want to work with the best, and the best want to work with you."


             --Social Capital website--





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Congratulations to the Social Capital Team!

Social Capital beat out their peers in Freeagentglobal.com's 2017  "Best in the West" VC ranking. The ranking criteria was based on quantitative and qualitative metrics. These metrics included mission/vision, leadership, people, growth, culture and mindshare. We also used qualitative metrics such as peer validations, company mission statements, and Founder vision statements. The Social Capital Team scored the highest in both categories of quantitative and qualitative metrics.


Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics

Our methodology was to use a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics to rank the venture capital firms in our analysis. A couple of the quantitative metrics were developed by Mattermark which is a company that tracks the performance of startups and VC firms.  The Freeagentglobal.com Team developed the diversity metric and the qualitative metrics. We looked at the best VC firm in both the quantitative and qualitative to determine a #1 winner for our 2017  "Best in the West" VC ranking.


Peter Drucker - The Founder of Modern Management

At Freeagentglobal.com, we are big believers in culture. Put simply, it is very difficult to build a great company unless you have great people and a culture that supports them. Peter Drucker stated the importance of culture in his well-known quote, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." GREAT Culture gives you the foundation to achieve your strategy. Social Capital is an example of a VC firm with great people and culture. In the end, it's all about great people and culture!!!

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